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Monday, 4 June 2012

Wedding Anniversary - an Easel Card

I prepared a wedding anniversary Easel card for one of my colleague.

The shiny thread is made with plastic with glittered threads inside it. The wine glasses and tiny hearts are stickers. The brown-yellow Malaysian flower and combed leaves look great on the dark violet card stock. The Rhine stones are light green and violet ones. The center hearts are embossed one. The bottom heart embellishment is one that I got in one of the card making kits.

Here are some of the snaps:

(The above picture shows the original color card stock)

I bordered the embossed heart with glitter pen. Now the idea of the center big heart is to paste one their photos of write some message in there. In the corner hearts she can write her and her husband's initials.

Here's the final picture:

♥ ~ SG

Friday, 18 May 2012

My Signature Flower - "The Fairy Wings"

Today after a long wait I introduce you my own Signature Quilled Flower. Me and my sister Gayatri thought of a name and we named it "The Fairy Wings" Flower... I hope you like it.

(This picture shows the original color of the card)

(My Signature "The Fairy Wings" Flower)

We all must have heard of Christopher Columbus Discovery America Story. On his voyage to find a shortcut to India he accidentally discovered America.

My flower has almost the same story...

When I had just started quilling I never knew about so many blogs, Indian Quilling group and so many techniques related to quilling.

I just used to google and see the pictures ... While googling one day I just saw this PIC and was amazed by the Leaves. I just wondered how these were made ... I was so bad at blogging that I didn't even think of going through the blog post ...

I kept searching for more such images ... I dont exactly remember, but somehow I knew that its being done using a comb...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Birthday Gift - Sliding Easel Card

This is a birthday card that I prepared for my SME. My first Sliding Easel card.

Do you like my card?? Do drop by your comments...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

♥ ~ SG

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fringed Flowers with Combed Leaves

Gave a try in preparing the Fringed Flowers ... Finally got to know the method of making the Annie Anastasia's   Quilled leaves ... Of course didnt get them perfect ... Will try again next time ... :-) Wish me good luck ... he he

♥ ~ SG

Monday, 9 April 2012

A Farewell Gift...

This is a simple card that I had prepared for my Team Lead as a farewell gift ... 

For this card I got the inspiration from Lin Handmade Greetings Card ... I just added the tiny rhinestones that I got from Himalaya Book World ... Those are actually Cell Phone Stickers that I used here ...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

♥ ~ SG

Quilled Valentine card with Pop-up Hearts

This is basically a pop up card that had I prepared for one my friend on the occasion of her marraige. I accidentally found this technique on you tube about Linked Hearts Pop Up card .

I felt amazed and just gave a try. Cutting the hearts along with the letters was the most difficult thing to do ... Again my card would never be complete without quilling ...

The leaves in this card have a different story...When I started preparing the leaves I wanted to prepare the Annie Anastasia's leaves... But I never knew the exact procedure ... But somehow I got these leaves ... 

I hope you like this card just as I do...

Thanks for stopping by!!

♥ ~ SG

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quilled Scenery for New Year

This is the card that I had prepared for this New Year... Just got a picture in mind while I was lying down...
So just did it ... The sun is my favorite ... Inspired from the movie Tangled...

If you open the front doors of the cards you would see 2012 written inside it. I presented this card to my dearest  Mommy.

I would update the inside of the cards shortly...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

♥ ~ SG
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