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Monday, 4 June 2012

Wedding Anniversary - an Easel Card

I prepared a wedding anniversary Easel card for one of my colleague.

The shiny thread is made with plastic with glittered threads inside it. The wine glasses and tiny hearts are stickers. The brown-yellow Malaysian flower and combed leaves look great on the dark violet card stock. The Rhine stones are light green and violet ones. The center hearts are embossed one. The bottom heart embellishment is one that I got in one of the card making kits.

Here are some of the snaps:

(The above picture shows the original color card stock)

I bordered the embossed heart with glitter pen. Now the idea of the center big heart is to paste one their photos of write some message in there. In the corner hearts she can write her and her husband's initials.

Here's the final picture:

♥ ~ SG
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